Sensitive Skin Series

This is a special series for sensitive skin on the basis of cucumber extract.

The products have very rich, moisture, gentle, and special texture.

Many people have sensitive skin lacking moisture. Therefore, we have come up with this special series, which gives the skin a wonderful experience by applying it.

The series is meant for all kinds of skin sensitivities, and it also good for treating cuprose (the small blood capillaries that can be seen on thin and sensitive skin), savorea, and psoriasis.


The Series Contains:
Code 8100 –Moisturizing Cream For Sensitive Skin
Code 8101 – Sensitive Face Lotion
Code 8109 – Sensitive Face Milk
Code 8102 – Sensitive Eye Cream
Code 8103 – Serum For Face & Eyes For Sensitive Skin
Code 1827 – Anti-Rouger Cream
Code 1826 – Anti-Roger Mask – 100% Natural
Code 8108 – Peeling for Sensitive Skin
Code 8110 – Sebo DS Treat Cream

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