Oily Skin series

Oily skin can be found a young age amongst adolescents, boys and girls. It can also be found with persons who neglect their skin and do

not maintain hygienic conditions, and it can be the skin of a woman after a period of acne, whose sebum gland excretions have not stabilised.The skin looks glossy, the pores are enlarged, and the person does not use any facial cream.

Sometimes the skin is scarred, uneven, with cuts that come from the extended use of materials which contain a high concentration of alcohol. The skin stays oily but loses its natural moisture. Therefore our products deal with the sebum gland, and if there is a need to improve the moisture, we may add products from the series of products for moistureless skin.


The series includes:
Code 8501 – Hydra Matt Moisturizing
Code 8502 – Oil Control Serum
Code 8503 – Astringent Mask
Code 8504 – Eye Control Gel
Code 8505 – Sugar Beet Soap
Code 8506 – Fresh Lotion
Code 8507 – AHA Peeling Cream

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