Going on PRO

A unique and innovative formula that combines improvement and prevention of prostate function problems and strengthening of male potency. Helps to improve testosterone secretion and support the balance of prostate function as a major factor in fertility problems and impotence.

Helps in strengthening male potency, encouraging desire and sexual function and preventing deterioration in impotence and infertility over time.

Recommended for maintaining normal sexual activity even in adulthood.

Contains: Ashwagandha extract powder (Withania somnifera), Panax extract powder (Red ginseng), Tribulus terrestris extract powder, Epimedium extract powder (Hornergut), L-carnitine extract powder, Green coffee powder (natural coffee beans), Boron powder, Vitamin D3 powder, vegetable cellulose capsule.

Vitamins – D, E, B Minerals – boron

Usage: 1-2 capsules with the meal.

0.5 g – 30 capsules

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