This Extra Bath shampoo cleaning removes heavy dirt and works when the coat is long, heavy, thick and oily. This bath cleans very thoroughly and efficiently. It takes care of fleas and ticks.

It combines orange extracts – anti-oxidative action, Tea tree and Rosemary oils which have an antiseptic and calming effect. It contains Citronella and Cedar wood for fleas and ticks care and is extra perfumed as well. This Mineral Bath is enriched with Dead Sea minerals and natural polymers for a lustrous, velvety and gleaming coat and is especially effective on outdoor pets. It is very easy to use and can repeatedly be used as much as needed. It has a great smell and thick texture.

  • For thick and oily coat
  • For fleas & ticks care
  • Tee Tree & Rosemary oils
  • Extra perfumed
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