Anti Pigment Series

Pigmentation is an annoying phenomenon. In this series we fight the stain, decompose the melanin, which causes the color of the stain, until the stain is completely removed.

Our products are based solely on natural ingredients, including special natural acids which have been studied for many years and have been found to have an influence on unbalanced melanin secretion, which creates the stain. The products are not damaging, and they even nourish and cultivate the skin and its texture.

The results are clearly visible and long-lasting, which is not usually the case with chemical materials. It is also non-addictive, as are often products that are based on chemical ingredients.

During the treatment with the series, and generally with skin that tends to pigmentation, it is obligatory to use moisture with UV 50 in the morning.

Code 8301 – Anti-Pigment Soap
Code 8302 – Anti Pigment Natural Cream
Code 8303 – Lactic Cream
Code 8304 – Apricot Peeling
Code 8305 – Anti Pigment Mask
Code 8310 – Pigment Point Treat
Code 7015 – Cellulite Body Cream

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