A unique and highly concentrated, innovative extract. To blur and lighten pigmentation spots. The extract combines 2 actions together:

  • Pigment treatment in the depth of the skin.
  • Whitening of the upper epidermis layer.

Suitable for spot and abstract stains. To provide even skin tone and brightness, to inhibit melanin production and prevent the formation of new spots.

Active ingredients: concentrated acid combination, glycolic acid, potassium, licorice, herbs and fruit extracts, alpha arbutin, alpha hydroxy, vitamin C, brightening oil complex, Oil and herbal extracts.

Directions: apply in the evening to the stain with an earpick on clean skin that has been washed with soap, wait for about 2 minutes and on top of it you can apply a brightening cream for the whole face, a serum or a nourishing cream.

Quantity: 30 ml

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