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Argoil Luxury Products

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Skin & Soul Products

A series of specially concentrated essences and boosters combined with complementary and unique nutritional supplements, for a perfect IN&OUT treatment

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Exclusive Nutritional Supplements

An innovative, unique and concentrated collection of dietary supplements that combines breakthrough formulas in the field, for effective solutions adapted to the modern pace of life and personal problems.


Beauty Treat specializes in the development and production of skin care and treatment products. Our main purpose is to provide an efficient service to each customer according to his needs and to produce for each and everyone the highest quality and most active product.

Our products integrate scientific techniques with alternative medicine, chemistry with homeopathy, in a successful and unique combination. All our products are developed in our in-house laboratory which has a Medical Device licence and GMP licence.

The products are based upon healing herbs, aromatic oils, homeopathic components, vitamins A, E, and C, seaweeds, special materials from the Dead Sea, and other materials, all of them on a natural basis.

Beauty Treat products are suitable for every skin problem on the face or the body, starting from lack of moisture, wrinkles, acne, stains, scars, fatty skin, cuts, cellulite, feet problems, psoriasis and other problems.

Our Benefits

Exclusive development and production

Directly from the factory to doorstep

Unique and innovative formulas

Components undergone clinical studies

Highest concentration of active components

Our collections

Banias Spirit

Unique line of skin care products based on Banias Spring Water. Naturally antioxidant, Banias Spring Water soothes, softens and protects all sensitive skins.



Camel Milk Products

Camel Luxury Products

Exceptional line of cosmeceuticals to preserve skin beauty and health

Camel Milk Products

Medicamel Collection

Exceptional line of cosmeceuticals to preserve skin beauty and health

Why choose us

Natural Ingredients

Our products boast a commitment to quality with meticulously sourced natural ingredients, ensuring a harmonious blend of science and nature in every formulation.

Cruelty Free

Embrace guilt-free indulgence with our cruelty-free dietary supplements and cosmetics, exemplifying our dedication to ethical practices and compassion for all living beings.

In-House Laboratory

Elevating standards in product development, our in-house laboratory serves as the nucleus of innovation, guaranteeing precision and control throughout the creation of our natural, cruelty-free products.

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